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The Y2K is here!

Let PDA provide your company's year 2000 needs.

April 98 -- PDA has a complete year 2000 compliance solution for all CIMPRO versions 4.25 and older.  We also have solutions for Organizations who need to migrate customizations for compatibility with CIMPRO version 5.3.  We are currently in the testing phase of our operation and will be have our first delivery by 3rd quarter of 1998. Time grows shorter everyday.  PDA is doing all it can to meet the growing demand for CIMPRO Y2K compliance conversions.  Each customer requesting a PDA CIMPRO Y2K Solution Package is being given a scheduled delivery date which places them in our Y2K queue.  Only a limited number of delivery dates remain open.  We at PDA will do all we can to accommodate every Y2K Package request but we also suggest you get your order in as early as possible before all the delivery dates are gone.

For More Information Contact:

Professional Data Associates, Inc.
937 Wellington Road
Tel: 516-833-5256
FAX: 516-333-0133
Customer Service@pdaco.com

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