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Bar Code Transactions and Label Printing



The constantly evolving manufacturing environment which includes significant changes in technology as well as business practices is providing the impetus for automatic data collection usage. Data is transferred into a computer much faster and more accurately when scanned from a bar code. Radio Frequency systems provide near-instant transfer of data from portable computer terminals to business software systems.

Bar Code scanning significantly reduces the number of errors. Studies indicate that bar code scanning produces less than one error for every one million characters transferred, versus one error for every 300 typed characters.



Bar Code data collection can improve the effectiveness of your use of CIMPRO by providing timely and accurate inventory information. The CIMPRO Bar Coding Interface provides a seamless interface between state of the art hardware and the CIMPRO system. The RF devices log on directly into a UNIX or VMS platform as a terminal. By performing terminal emulation in the RF devices, the emulation software is the only software residing on the terminal. The portable terminal provides for data capture at the point where the transaction occurs.


The CIMPRO Bar Coding Interface will support the following five transactions:


Physical Inventory


Location Transfers


Warehouse Transfers


Product Verification


Pallet Assembly

The CIMPRO Bar Code Labels will support the following four labels:


Receiving Labels


Location Labels


Product Labels


Pallet (license plate label)

Professional Data Associates offers a complete solution to CIMPRO users with data collection requirements including software, hardware, installation, training and consulting support.


Transaction Support

Physical Inventory utilizes the standard CIMPRO count sheet method for counting.

Location Transfers provide warehouse personnel the ability to update location inventory within a warehouse as the product is moved.

Warehouse Transfers provides warehouse personnel the ability to easily move inventory from one warehouse to another such as receiving to quarantine or consignment warehouse and then transferring to the main warehouse.

Product Verification assists production personnel with production ingredient verification.

Pallet Assembly develops transaction information such as Pallet ID, Warehouse Code, Destination Location, Item, Lot, Location information and Quantity. This information is recorded as the pallet is assembled.


Product Labels

Raw Material Receiving provides data elements such as item code, item description, lot number, quantity and unit of measure in bar code and human readable form.

Location Label prints location information in bar coded and human readable form.

Product Label prints item code, item description, unit of measure, date and lot number in both bar code and human readable form.

Pallet Label prints the pallet ID information in both bar code and human readable form.


Hardware Specifications


Hand-held scanners require a display screen of at least 8 x 20 characters in size. The truck mounted scanner requires a display screen of at least 8 x 40 characters in size. Both scanners must be able to read an extended character set.

PDA recommends Symbol products including models:

PDT-61xx     Series, Integrated Scanning/RF Microcomputer

PDT-68xx     Series, Integrated Scanning/RF Microcomputer

PDT-75xx     Series, Integrated Scanning/RF Microcomputer

SVRC 6900 Series, Vehicle Radio Computer

If using non-recommended scanners please check with PDA to verify compatibility.

Bar Codes Recognized

UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 11, 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codebar, Code 128, Code 93.



Bar Code Labels will print on Intermec, Zebra thermal/thermal transfer printers for codes 39 and 128. These printers produce high-quality bar code symbols and sharp, clear fonts.


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