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PDA now offers an extensive line of value added custom products to improve your systems performance.


A set of programs that run on HP-UX, RS6000, UNISYS, and SCO platforms.  It will create a new Thoroughbred direct file in a new sort sequence from the original file.  A user selects the fields to create the new sort sequence and a C Program is invoked to create the new file. The advantage of this technique is speed, speed, speed!  We tested this utility on a customer system (HP-UX) and created a  new sales history file in 15 minutes - the original file contained 1.2 million records!!!  the new file can be used in BASIC or REPORT IV to create new reports.  This tool will revolutionize the way you can report on your data files.   (Currently this utility does not support MSORT file - next release!)

Private Eye

A set of programs that allow a system administrator to view file and record locks from a standard terminal.  The utility runs on HP-UX, RS6000, UNISYS, and SCO platforms.  This will resolve the irritating problem of ERROR 0 on user terminals when one user has a record locked and nobody knows who!  The utility will allow you to view locks on a single file or a group of files.   It reports the UNIX user name, TTY terminal ID and the keys of locked records.  (Currently this utility does not support MSORT files - next release!)

Sale Reports By Fiscal Period

A group of Thoroughbred Basic Programs and files designed for CIMPRO users.  If your company's fiscal year does not end at the end of the month, this product is for you.  The software converts existing CIMPRO Sales History to new data files which are keyed by YYPP (year/period) not YYMM (year/month).  A conversion utility is used at the end of each period to convert standard sale history to the new files.  Users simply specify the start/end dates and period to be updated.  Sales History reports are mapped to look at these new files.  One user quotes: "now I can tie my Sales Reports to the General Ledger."  (Available for 5.x and 4.x platforms)

new4.gif (3875 bytes)Quick Order Lot Allocations

PDA has developed a simplified data entry tool allowing Order Processing/Shipping personnel to quickly enter Lot Allocations for existing Sales Orders without having to go through the clutter of Sales Order Entry/Edit.  The user simply enters the Order Number and Order Line Number and a lot allocation screen appears.  DOO and DLN lookups are available to assist the user in selecting a Sales Order and Detail.  The entered Lot Allocations are posted to the CIMPRO Lot Allocation detail file COOLT. 

A sample screen is available.

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Lots of Lots in OP.

Formula 1 Costs

Selective Invoice Update




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